Elizabeth Banks joins canned wine company Archer Roose

Elizabeth Banks

Leading canned wine company Archer Roose announced that Elizabeth Banks will be joining their team as a co-owner and chief creative officer.

Founded in 2014 by Marian Leitner-Waldman and David Waldman, Archer Roose was built on shared passions and values: lively conversations, craftsmanship and a belief that we must all do our part to build a better world. 

Since its inception, the brand has pushed boundaries within the wine industry in creating world class wines in formats to fit a modern lifestyle.

“We are thrilled to have Elizabeth Banks join us as we enter into the next chapter of the Archer Roose story,” said Marian Leitner-Waldman, co-founder & CEO of Archer Roose. 

“Archer Roose was founded on authentic relationships and pride in craftsmanship. Elizabeth embodies both of those values and we are honoured to have her as our new partner and all that she brings to the table: creativity, fresh perspectives and a shared mission of shaping the world for the better.”

“As I got to know Marian, I realised that she and I share an ethos. She’s created something that resonated with me and what I value, which is conversation, connection, craftsmanship, and quality,” said Elizabeth Banks.

As a new major investor and owner in the company, Elizabeth Banks will add strategic value to the creative development for the company, on both brand and product side.

“To me, wine is another form of storytelling,” explained Banks. “I have always loved wine but wanted to make it more accessible and build a brand that would resonate with women. 

“When I realised that Marian’s gambit was to put really good wine into cans, I thought about my own life and all the incredible shared moments with family and friends – a beach day, a ski trip – and how it would be great to pull a Sauvignon Blanc out of a cooler for a change.”

Archer Roose and Elizabeth Banks will bring their new relationship to life through a series of videos on how the partnership began, and how it has progressed which will launch at the end of May 2021 on Archer Roose’s social channels and the brand’s website. 

They will continue to share content through their own social media channels throughout the month.

To view “Creating Our Own Table: Elizabeth Banks x Archer Roose” videos and ongoing partnership, follow @ArcherRooseWines and @ElizabethBanks on Instagram and on archeroose.com.

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