Henkel funding helps Water4 COVID project in Kenya


Funding by Henkel Technologies, in partnership with CannedWater4Kids, enabled Water4 to deliver a COVID resilience project in Kenya.

As in many countries across the globe, COVID-19 hit Africa hard. Hand washing and social distancing were the primary ways for people to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. 

Many communities lacked the wells needed for safe water vital for drinking and hand washing. Water4 were able to install the life-saving infrastructure quickly with the help of Henkel and CW4K.

This project took place in the rural, indigenous villages of Miungoni, Mwandulia, and Mtune. This region of Kenya is known for poor infrastructure, insufficient agricultural production, and annual droughts and floods. 

The Digo and Duruma are two minority ethnic groups that reside in this region. None of the three communities targeted by this project had a well, which means these communities, schools, and medical facilities depended on open water sources such as ponds and streams for their water supply.

Not only is the water from these water sources unsafe, but it is also seasonal and subject to weather variations. During the dry seasons and droughts, there is no water. 

During the rainy seasons, deadly flooding and contaminated water increase waterborne disease fatalities. The villages needed a constant source of safe water.

The impact of this project:

  • 990 people served with safe water
  • 3 new community water wells with a hand pump
  • 4 new handwashing stations at Ruai Primary School in Nairobi
  • 6-month supply of soap
  • Combined training on water, sanitation, and hygiene

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