Izzy unveil mascara in reusable stainless steel tube


Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is the world’s first fully reusable, sustainable and direct-to-consumer beauty brand and has launched a mascara in a stainless steel tube.

Zero Waste Mascara is the brand’s debut product: a high-performance, clean, vegan-friendly, and premium formula that contains microfibres for dramatic volume, length and lift. 

The proprietary High-Fidelity Wave Brush features a dip in the middle for mess-free application and builds lashes upward and outward without caking or clumping.

The sleek, instantly recognisable tube is made from 100% recyclable medical-grade, American-made stainless steel, and is medically sterilised before each refill. 

Zero Waste Mascara uses 94% less plastic than the majority of global mascara brands and is rendered 100% zero waste by regrinding and melting down the applicators and wipers to make new ones. 

Even the water from the patent-pending triple cleaning process is reused, rather than dumped in the ocean. As a certified CarbonNeutral product, Zero Waste Mascara is one of the only beauty products in the world to meet the criteria outlined by The CarbonNeutral Protocol – the leading global framework for carbon neutrality.

Izzy’s membership options make it easy for customers to not only change out their mascara quarterly, but to return their empty tubes to Izzy with reusable shippers made from upcycled materials. 

Once the used mascaras are received, they are emptied, medically cleaned, refilled, and shipped out to the next customer. Each Izzy mascara is engineered to withstand 10,000+ quarterly cycles of cleaning and reuse, which means that the mascara you’re using today can be passed down to 60 generations or more.

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