Every Can Counts launches Recycling Tour 2021

European Recycling Tour 2021

On World Environment Day, “Every Can Counts” is launching a campaign across Europe to educate consumers about sorting cans.

This major event will take place simultaneously in 15 countries and at dozens of sites across Europe to celebrate the return to active life outdoors. 

A large-scale operation, which will also give the starting signal for the many actions carried out throughout the summer, throughout Europe and in particular in France.

The “European Recycling Tour 2021” will take place on the weekend of 5- 6 June in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom. 

Around the lakes, in the largest squares, parks, shopping streets and major tourist sites in cities and capitals, “Every Can Counts” teams equipped with coloured collection backpacks (the “BackPacks”, the programme’s new collection tools) will encourage tourists, vacationers and locals to respect the environment by keeping these spaces clean and to recycle their cans wherever they are. 

Essential awareness-raising actions, because, according to a recent European survey carried out for Every Can Counts, 83% of people questioned confirm that they always or often put their used cans in the recycling bin when they are at home, but only 48% state that they recycle their can when it is consumed outside the home. At the same time, 93% of Europeans would like to see more recycling bins on the streets, in public spaces, in parks, on beaches, etc.


In France, the “Each Canette Account” program, far ahead of this type of awareness campaign, with more than 900 events to its credit in 10 years, 87 million cans collected and recycled and 22 million French people made aware of the collection of cans away from home, does not intend to stop there!

In fact, in partnership with CITEO, “Each Canette Account” is launching its biggest challenge this summer: travelling the largest beaches in France to meet holidaymakers and raise their awareness of the infinite recyclability of cans while collecting a maximum cans! From La Baule to Marseille, via Ile-de-Ré, Biarritz or Marseille, for a month, the teams will carry out a real Tour de France by visiting nearly twenty beaches that await the most holidaymakers.

To support this initiative, numerous activities will be organised and contests on the programme’s social networks will be offered in order to widen the participants of this virtuous Tour de France as much as possible.

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