Canovation awarded iF Design Awards

Canovation Can Reseal

Canovation, creator of the packaging industry’s innovative CanReseal product line, has won two iF Design Awards in the international competition’s packaging categories including: “Resealable Metal Food Can” and “Resealable Metal Beverage Can”.

CanReseal was judged by a panel of jurors that followed five criteria for judging packaging innovation: Idea (task, relevance and purpose); Form (aesthetics, emotional appeal, execution); Function (usability, efficiency and user benefit), Differentiation (innovation, brand innovation); and Impact (effect, social benefit and sustainability).

Consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging that is fully recyclable, portable, reusable and safe for their health and environment. More than one million plastic bottles are sold every minute. The number of plastic bottles produced yearly is projected to increase to 583.3 billion in 2021 with massive environmental impact. CanReseal was created due to Canovation’s passion for sustainability, continuous innovation, and a keen understanding of industry and consumer needs. CanReseal is a simple solution that has established an industry recognised sustainable packaging system for many product applications.

CanReseal can be used in various vertical markets including beverage (still and carbonated); food & snack; cannabis; pet food; paint & chemical; personal & beauty care; household; and consumer goods. It features a fully resealable, recyclable, economical, airtight/watertight and portable solution that helps reduce single-use plastic in packaging.

“This honor confirms the excellent work of our packaging innovators and engineers who have perfected the metal can by making it resealable for the first time in history,” said Gary Brown, CEO of Canovation.

For 2021 judging, a top international, independent group of 98 design experts reviewed 9,509 iF Design entries from 3,693 participants from 52 nations. For three days, all entries were evaluated, discussed and scored. The average jury score for an iF award was 289, and CanReseal’s beverage packaging was scored at 382. Only 22% of the entries received an award. Canovation was a winner in two packaging categories including, “Resealable Metal Food Can” and “Resealable Metal Beverage Can.”

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