Every Can Counts launches Italian campaign

Every Can Counts Italy

Every Can Counts has launched a summer recycling campaign, supported by CIAL, Coca-Cola HBC Italia, and the Agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria.

Covering the 11 municipalities that surround Calabria’s marine parks and equipped with the signature Every Can Counts recycling backpacks, the ambassadors of the initiative “In the marine parks of Calabria…every can counts” are on a dual mission. To recover empty beverage cans, while encouraging consumers to keep public spaces clean, and to raise awareness among residents and tourists about the importance of the circular economy.

“In the marine parks of Calabria…every can counts” is a joint initiative of Ogni Latina Vale, with EPMR – Ente Parchi Marini Regionali della Calabria (Agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria), CIAL – Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi Alluminio (National Consortium of Aluminium Packaging), and Coca-Cola HBC Italia

Running in July and August, the backpackers will visit both beaches and urban locations to inspire as many people as possible on the way. But there’s more. About 100 small waste separation and recycling areas will be set up on the beaches, with dedicated bins for the separate collection of cans, marked by a customised sail so that bathers can recognise the areas accredited to the project.

Bikes made out of 800 recycled cans will be donated to the municipalities

Aluminium is a permanent material, that can be recycled an infinite number of times, while preserving its properties forever.  Every drink can we put in the right bin,  can be easily recycled and transformed into new aluminium, ready to give new life to many durable objects at a significantly low environmental cost.

The cans collected during this initiative will be used to create Riciclettes, the now iconic city bikes made with the equivalent of 800 recycled beverage cans. The bikes will then be donated to the municipalities involved, to be used in the implementation of their sustainable mobility projects. 

The Agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria was established in 2018 to protect and enhance the extraordinary biodiversity of Calabria’s marine and coastal environments, a treasure trove of biodiversity to be guarded and preserved for future generations,” states Ilario Treccosti, Extraordinary Commissioner of the EPMR. “In a fruitful team effort with the parks municipalities – which include the 2021 Blue Flags Praia a Mare, Diamante, Tropea and Soverato – a series of initiatives have been launched, including the ‘In Calabria’s marine parks…every can counts’ campaign.” 

For the protection and enhancement of the sea of Calabria, the Commissioner hopes that the collaboration with the Aluminium Packaging Consortium and Coca Cola HBC Italia, which began with this campaign, can be extended to other significant environmental education initiatives. 

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