Canpack announces partnership with Academy of the Future

The Canpack Group has announced the partnership with Academy of the Future, that aims at helping young people better reach their potential, maximise their talents, and embrace new opportunities. Working together with Academy of the Future – one of the largest social projects in Poland, Canpack has committed itself to improving the self-esteem of hundreds of children.

With Canpack’s support over the course of 2021/22, the Academy intends to reach out to more than
1,800 children right across Poland. “Partnering with the Academy of the Future is an important project for us, as it is in line with our global sustainable development strategy. We have a proud record of supporting young talented
individuals and helping them pursue their passions and live up to their potential,” said Malgorzata Podrecka, Canpack.

Through our partnership with Academy of the Future we hope to support even more young people.”

In addition to supporting children across Poland, Canpack is working with the Academy for the
enrichment of its own employees and their children. This decision resulted in a series of online
workshops conducted at home by trainers from the ‘Spring Association’. The sessions, called
‘You can! Feel it!’, helped children not only discover their strengths and expand their ambitions
they have also helped increase parents’ awareness of the importance of personal development.
It is the first time that the Academy has partnered with a business to help unleash the potential of
the programme. To date more than 60 families have benefited from the project.

“This project is of great importance to us,” said Joanna Sadzik, CEO of the Spring Association,
which implements the Academy of the Future. “We are delighted that businesses also recognise
the Academy’s priorities –the future of our children depends on them building their self-
confidence and self-esteem.

“The idea of the Home Academy of the Future came from Canpack, and together we created the agenda – an example of a real, fruitful partnership between NGOs and business.”

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