Cleaning brand that uses aluminium packaging win Marie Claire award

Spruce cleaning brand

Spruce has been named the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brand in the Marie Claire 2021 Sustainability Awards.

The company is dubbed the ‘Jo Malone of cleaning products’ by customers because of the way they smell.

Spruce was developed with the knowledge that we’re exposed to more than 300 toxic chemicals every day, ranging from cleaning formulas to plastics in our food. 

All its products are free from harmful chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances, palm oil and petroleum.

What’s more, its packaging is made from recyclable aluminium that can be refilled time and time again. Spruce will even deliver refills straight through your letterbox.

Praising the brand’s work towards a B Corp certification, Sustainability Awards judge Jessie Macneil-Brown said: “What a great story behind the products, and I love the careful consideration of using aluminium packaging. 

“Great to see the team aiming for B Corp certification which is a great sign of sustainability credentials – this certification is not easy to achieve.”

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