Iconic beer brand turn to Crown to produce new can designs

Iconic beer brand Cruzcampo, a member of the Heineken Spain family, turned to Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East (Crown) to produce a series of 12 novel can designs. 

With a campaign theme of ‘Con Mucho Acento’, which translates to ‘heavily accented’ in English, each can depicts a combination of a powerful local word (a heavily accented one) and its visual interpretation, celebrating language and cultural diversity. 

Crown’s Accents variable printing technology allows for the great variety of ‘Con Mucho Acento’ designs to be produced in a single print run, making the limited-edition series to be as diverse as the Andalucian culture itself.

The can graphics illustrate these representative words that are proudly associated with Andalusia and its culture as interpreted by six young local artists. 

Each of the 12 bright red images uses transparent ink for a premium finish – accentuated by the natural colour of the metal itself under matte varnish.

Some of the words used are “Poderío” (“Empowerment”), “Ojalá” (“I wish”), “Arrejuntarse” (to gather around a beer), “Pellizco” (a pinch in the stomach when feeling something special) and “Coraje” (courage).

Esteban Velasco, Cruzcampo Brand Manager at Heineken Spain commented: “Con Mucho Acento is our homage to the spirit of Andalusia where our journey began and is still based to this day. 

“We are proud to have honoured just a few of the core elements that make life here so fascinating through our partnership with Crown and to continue to promote the use of sustainable metal packaging.”

Accents variable printing technology allows a design to vary on each can in order to create up to 24 unique graphics in a single production run, to be mixed on a single pallet of beverage cans.

The process creates a range of options for brand owners seeking to deliver highly customised or personalised products to consumers.

Veronique Curulla, Marketing and Business Development Director at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East commented: “Working with Cruzcampo has been a wonderful experience for the entire team. 

“The use of our Accents variable printing technology has made ‘Con Mucho Acento’ a truly stand-out campaign, wonderfully depicting the richness of cultural diversity and heritage of the region intertwined with the beer itself.”

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