MCMA hope new steel minister can help metal packaging industry


Metal Container Manufacturers Association of India (MCMA) welcomed Shri Ram Chandra Prasad Singh taking over as Union Minister for Steel.

The organisation, which represents the interests of companies who produce metal containers is pinning positive hopes that urgency will be shown to the pandemic-hit and cash-starved metal packaging sector.

An MCMA delegation, led by president Sanjay Bhatia, met the steel union minister in July to raise a number of issues, as per PrintWeek.

The issues discussed included: 

  • The importance of the metal packaging industry
  • The issues currently facing the industry in terms of acute shortage of main inputs – Tinplate/Tin free steel and various steel products like Easy open ends, peel offs, aerosol can components, closures.
  • The issue of the three months extension of the QCO and how it is not helping the industry.
  • Also emphasised was that for non-critical applications industry needs non-prime material therefore it should be ensured that material is made available to that segment of industry.

The minister is said to have given assurances to MCMA that the steel ministry will extend help and support to the metal packaging industry.

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