July heralds new beginning for ‘Colep Packaging’

Colep Packaging

Colep has completed the split of its businesses into two new entities. Those entities are Colep Packaging and Colep Consumer Products.

The announcement was covered on The Metal Packager back in April: https://metalpackager.com/2021/04/colep-split-business-two-new-companies/

The RAR Group, sole shareholder of Colep, will remain the 100% shareholder of both new entities.

This decision comes from the realisation that, although serving similar industries, the packaging and contract manufacturing businesses of Colep are essentially different, both operationally and strategically.

The current marketplace requires companies to be more agile and act faster. This split will provide the respective management teams with the required autonomy and empowerment to meet their customers’ and remaining stakeholders’ expectations and therefore, to achieve their strategic ambitions.

To lead the new companies Colep, Paulo Sousa is the CEO of Colep Packaging.

Paulo Sousa, currently the Managing Director of Colep’s Packaging Division, has been with the company for approximately 20 years, having successfully held commercial and operations leadership positions in both the Consumer Products and the Packaging Divisions.

Vitor Neves, Colep´s current CEO and future Chairman of both new entities commented: “The step we are now taking is very important to empower the management team of each of our businesses to strengthen their position in their respective markets.”

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