HeatTek unveils brand for metal packaging portfolio

Evolve by Heat Tek

A new brand has been unveiled for one of HeatTek’s key categories of manufacturing equipment – Evolve Systems.

The new name unifies the company’s well-known product groups exclusively designed and built for metal packaging. Evolve Systems encompasses HeatTek’s Pin Ovens, Internal Bake Ovens, Dryoff Ovens as well as its recently expanded offering of Washers.

“The timing of this brand introduction is significant,’ says Adam Plowman, director of the Metal Packaging Division. Plowman explains that, since the beginning, HeatTek has been on a constant quest to innovate and move the company forward. This aim has never been as valuable as it is right now.

“It’s an exciting time as customer preferences are shifting to include more variety. And because there’s also an emphasis on reducing plastic, a growing list of can makers are rewriting the rulebooks.”

HeatTek has been teaming up with leading can makers to create manufacturing processes for distinctly new products. And because research and development is vital for any high-capacity innovation, canmakers need equipment experts to collaborate with in all stages of production planning.

“This is where HeatTek excels,” explains Plowman. “Our deep-rooted industry experience combines with our drive to explore new technology. The result is superior equipment for our customers.

“The Evolve Systems brand highlights the “evolution” in can making and celebrates the contributions being made to support a thriving industry and a more sustainable planet.” This is something we can all get behind.

Behind the logo: A carefully designed logo accompanies the new Evolve Systems brand. The circular shape serves as a focal point and symbolises the precise movement of air and water needed for exceptional can manufacturing. The new logo also includes forward-leaning lettering to represent progress, movement, and a subtle reference to the company’s home state of Wisconsin’s motto – “Forward”. The trimmed, open can in place of the letter “L” keeps the industry at the forefront of designs and craftsmanship.  

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