New CEO at Silgan Holdings

Silgan Holdings

Silgan Holdings has announced that, as part of the continuation of its long-term succession planning, its Board of Directors has appointed Adam J. Greenlee as Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective from 1 September 2021.

Greenlee will also continue as President of the Company. Greenlee joined Silgan in 2005 and ran its North American Closures operations prior to being appointed Executive Vice President of the Company in October 2007. He was named Chief Operating Officer of the Company in 2009 and was appointed President of the Company in April 2019. Tony Allott has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Company since March 2006, only its second CEO since its founding in 1987. Mr. Allott will continue to serve as Executive Chairman of the Company.

“Adam and I have worked closely together on every major activity of Silgan for the past decade and he has been responsible for the oversight of each of our operating businesses in recent years,” said Tony Allott, Chairman and CEO.

“Just as importantly, Adam understands and personifies the unique culture of our Company and has consistently shown his ability to deliver results as Silgan has continued on its path of growth and success. While I am sure his leadership will explore new ideas and opportunities, I am equally confident it will be founded on the ideals and principles that have served us so well in the past,”

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