Cakes in beverage cans latest viral craze in Japan


Desserts served in beverage cans have become the latest viral social media craze in Japan.

Tokyo has been host to many dessert crazes over the years from fluffy pancakes to croissant doughnuts, but the latest features metal packaging.

Parafaiteria Bel, in Shibuya, is serving layer cakes in clear cans and it seems as though customers can’t get enough of them

You can choose from cake can options including three Fuwa (fluffy) Can flavours (¥900 each): blueberry, strawberry and citrus. Each one is filled with fresh cream, chiffon cake and fruit jam. 

There’s also a Shortcake Can (¥1,100) which is fresh strawberry slices layered with sponge cake and fresh cream.

The cakes are only being sold at Parfaiteria Bel in Shibuya, but from July 16, they’ll also be in a dessert vending machine at Sapporo’s Pâtisserie Okashi Gaku.

The cakes went viral on social media and have quickly been snapped up.

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