Coppercraft Distillery launches new premium canned cocktails


Holland-based Coppercraft Distillery announced it was releasing four new premium canned cocktails.

The new flavours launched are Black Cherry Whiskey, Moscow Mule, Rum Punch and Iced Tea & Lemonade.

The cocktails will be available at Michigan retailers, Comerica Park and Coppercraft Distillery’s tasting rooms.

Coppercraft’s national brand manager, Ali Anderson, said: “These premium canned cocktails meet the demand of an ever-growing industry.
“They also allow our production team to flex their creative muscles and explore new ways to bring artfully created spirits to everyone.

Black Cherry Whiskey combines rye whiskey and black cherry flavour, while Moscow Mules contains grain neutral spirits, ginger beer and lime juice.

Rum Punch is a mix of the Caribbean and Coppercraft ‘Holland to Holland’ Rum.

Ice Team & Lemonade is a combination of citrus and sweet, blending grain neutral spirits, lemonade and black tea.

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