RTD saké canned cocktail to launch in UK

RTD sake cocktail

A new ready-to-drink saké canned cocktail will hit the market in the UK.

Shima Drinks, a Japanese inspired startup, has launched the canned beverage into the hard seltzer category.

The company, which is the brainchild of Matt Brunault and Hector Butler, is hoping to capitalise on the growing demand for low alcohol ‘healthier’ drinks as well as the growing Asian restaurant segment in the UK.

Combined with sparkling water and natural flavours, the new drink offers a healthier alternative to other hard seltzer products.

“Asian, and in particular Japanese, restaurants are the fastest growing segment in the UK, and the often fast/casual nature suits RTDs particularly well,” said Hector Butler.

However many of the drinks serving this sector are inauthentic, with white wine being the common alternative to beer, and there is very little innovation,” he said.

“We are combining the authentic ingredients with an innovative serve format that speaks to the already existing trends of pre-mix and hard seltzer in the UK.”

“We’re forecasting consumers will become fatigued with common base spirits, creating room for a saké-based rtd.”

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