Canpack works on a 0.0% beer sports

Canpack 0.0

Pivovarna Union has collaborated with Canpack to package its latest 0.0% innovation – a beer-based sports drink called Union Radler 0.0% Isotonic.

The drink created in partnership with the Football Association of Slovenia is made from non-alcoholic beer and lemon-flavor juice, as well as added vitamins and minerals for regeneration after sport.

The can is designed to catch the eye of active consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle. Packaging experts at Canpack used a MATT special effect to enhance its bright look and feel. The sporty slimline beverage can is adding energy to the growing market for non-alcoholic drinks.

“What this collaboration showed was how crucial packaging can be to a new product. We began an exciting and creative process to help Pivovarna Union bring Union Radler 0.0% Isotonic to market. The final can, with its printed messaging, works hard at introducing the new drink to consumers – it showcases the technical capabilities of our MATT lacquer and how well it works at enhancing both bright and dark colours,” said Stephen McAneny, Chief Commercial Officer, Canpack

“Non-alcoholic beer is a category for innovators. Union Radler 0.0% Isotonic has a unique take and we needed our packaging to stand out and work hard to deliver our message. Our drink was created for regeneration after sport. The can made by Canpack added a MAatt effect, which together with the design, gives you that sense of refreshment.” Ajda Jurkas, Senior Brand Manager, Union.

“The players were involved in sampling the drink to help create the final recipe with Pivovarna Union. It’s great to finally hold the finished product and see the can in the stores.” Football Association of Slovenia.

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