Tonejet set for Cyclone C4+ installation

Tonejet has announced the launch of the Cyclone C4+, which will print cans of any size up to 500ml and uses a new bright white primer coating.

Following a successful year, Solucan has purchased a second Cyclone system to be installed later in 2021.

With the acquisition of Tonejet’s Cyclone machine, Solucan is the first North American company to offer the canned beverage industry a complete digital printing solution with flexible quantities.

Sebastien Baril, President at Solucan, commented: “Our original plan was to swap our 12oz (355ml) Cyclone with a Hybrid Press that would provide the ability to run either standard can format.

“During our first year though, we were surprised by the high demand for the 12oz cans.

“This persuaded us that the solution was to install a second production line which will not only double our capacity but will avoid any downtime that would have come with a hybrid when changing sizes etc.

“We can’t wait for the second machine to be installed.”

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