MP visits Alupro headquarters

Alupro welcomed Rachel Maclean MP, member of parliament for Redditch, and Cllr Matthew Dormer, Leader of Redditch Borough Council, to its headquarters in Worcestershire. 

Alongside taking a tour of the facility, Ms Maclean and Mr Dormer met with the Alupro team to find out more about the organisation’s pivotal role in helping the UK to improve its aluminium packaging recycling rate.

Representing the aluminium packaging industry, Alupro works in partnership with local authorities, the waste management industry and the wider packaging sector to stimulate the UK’s collection infrastructure. 

As well as acting as the voice of the industry on issues of government policy and legislative development, Alupro manages information and education campaigns to encourage participation in recycling schemes.

During the visit, the team discussed the circular properties of aluminium and highlighted the positive impacts of its MetalMatters and Every Can Counts initiatives, which have helped the UK to reach its highest ever aluminium packaging recycling rate despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Giddings, Alupro’s general manager, explained the organisation’s support of the Environment Bill and views on the introduction of a well-designed Deposit Return Scheme.

Commenting on the visit, Tom said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Rachel Maclean MP and Cllr Matthew Dormer to our Redditch headquarters and collectively explore some of the most important issues facing the packaging industry. 

“With a clear interest in reducing plastic waste and tackling marine pollution, it was great to speak to Ms Maclean about the infinite recyclability of aluminium and its driving role within the circular economy.”

Rachel Maclean MP, member of parliament for Redditch, added: “As an important organisation located within my constituency, I first met with the Alupro team in 2018 and was hugely impressed with the organisation’s diverse range of consumer engagement programmes and commitment to improving the UK’s aluminium packaging recycling rate.

“With several government policies set to impact the packaging industry over the coming years, it was fascinating to reconnect with Tom and the team to discuss the positive impacts that these could have and understand how legislation can act as an enabler to realising a circular economy for packaging materials.”

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