Portion control cans set for growth


New research by GlobalData found that portion control cans will see big growth with consumers wanting to reduce alcohol consumption and calories.

A third of people surveyed said they were actively trying to reduce calorie consumption, while 38% were trying to reduce sugar consumption.

Holly Inglis, beverages analyst at GlobalData, said: “The can format primarily came into play as part of the on-the-go trend. However, since the pandemic and subsequent slowdown of many people’s lives, canned wines and spirits have co-opted a different space – that of portion control. Cans provide an accessible and affordable way to both count calories and consumption of alcohol units.

“In GlobalData’s Q2 2021 survey, 33% of global consumers stated that they are actively trying to reduce their consumption of calories, with a further 38% highlighting they are trying to reduce sugar consumption. This denotes not only a move away from high ABV count, but other less than healthy ingredients too.”

Inglis added: “In GlobalData’s Q2 2021 consumer survey, 34% of global consumers stated that they find sustainably/ethically sourced ingredients very appealing, highlighting an innovation opportunity for beverage producers.”

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