Blossoms collaborate with brewery for canned beer


Blossoms have collaborated with Chicago-based brewery Goose Island for a canned beer.

‘SK BREW TAKE 2’ is the band’s second collaboration with Goose Island, following their ‘SK BREW’ from 2019.

Blossoms said: “We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Goose Island – our new beer SK Brew Take 2! It’s been great working with them on this since The Hop Party we played at in 2019. Profits from the sale of the beer will go to Stagehand too.”

The second collaboration is a 5.8% West Coast IPA with tropical flavours and come in 440ml cans. 

Goose Island’s UK head brewer Andrew Walton explains: “We had a great time brewing with the folks from Blossoms and jumped at the chance to do so again. 

“We loved the previous batch of SK Brew but wanted to dial up the favours and really help the hops shine. 

“A change to the hop bill, when we added them and some subtle tweaks to the water profile really helped bring forward a softer bitterness and bold tropical flavours.

“This is a contemporary take on a west coast IPA with that classic colour and bitterness but with a more fruit forward spin. I think we managed to strike a great balance and this year’s SK Brew is bold, flavourful and highly drinkable.”

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