Sol’s Chelada brand fuels strong 2021


Continuing momentum from a strong 2020, Sol’s Chelada brand is up 9.5% in volume sales this year, outpacing the segment’s growth in a booming market for Mexican imports.

“Mexican imports are doing well in spite of some supply chain issues, and cheladas are part of that growth,” says Cara Lauritzen, marketing manager for the Sol family of brands. 

“We have great momentum on Sol Chelada, and we look forward to keeping that going into 2022.”

Year-to-date, Sol Chelada’s 9.5% growth is outpacing the segment’s 8.5% rate, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data for the week ended September 12. 

It’s performing particularly well in the Pacific region, where it’s grown about 31% in Nevada, 26% in California and 23% in New Mexico, per IRI. 

And with velocity up 35% versus a year ago, it’s the fastest-turning major brand in the chelada segment.

“Sol Chelada is succeeding because of the quality of the liquid and the authenticity of the brand,” Lauritzen says. “People know and love Sol and Sol Chelada in Mexico, and they’re seeking it out in the U.S., as well.”

The Sol brand is looking to build on its strong year in the months ahead. It is renewing a partnership with Banda MS, one of Mexico’s biggest musical groups, and plans to go big with Banda during posadas, when friends and family gather to celebrate around the Christmas holiday, Lauritzen says.

“Working with Banda MS is a huge win for Sol. The band has billions of viewers, is the most-streamed Mexican group and keeps winning awards for their work,” she says.

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