Coca-Cola can collector sets new world record


A Coca-Cola can fan has broken a world record thanks to his impressive collection.

Canadian Gary Feng owns 11,308 different cans from 108 separate countries, which is officially a new Guiness World Record.

He broke the previous record for largest collection of soft drink cans (same brand) in the world, which was 10,558 and held by Italian Davide Andreani – who was also a huge fan of Coca-Cola.

In a post on the Guinness World Record website, Gary lists some of his favourite cans.

These include a can that was specially created for use in low gravity environments to coincide with the launch of space shuttle Challenger on July 4, 1985.

“It’s beautiful. It’s also a piece of history as well” he remarked.

Also in his collection is a Russian version of a similar can, which was first consumed on Soviet space station Mir on August 26, 1991.

“The Russian version is actually more rare. I believe many, many can collectors are dreaming of having this piece in their collection.”

He also has an extremely ran can in his collection, which is a slightly crumpled can and reads Stranger Things on the side.

It never publicly went on sale and was part of a promotional package given only to select social media personalities.

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