Beer cans used for augmented reality game

Beverage App, Swigr, has released augmented reality games that play on beer cans.

Swigr Basketball, which launched last week, is a game where players shoot virtual basketballs, into a beer-can-become-basketball-hoop.  

The game has been developed for mobile devices, with an arcade-game feel, heavy in neon lights and ambient sounds.Players use their mobile phone to scan participating brands of beer, activating the augmented reality game, which springs into life from the scanned can.

It’s a simple swipe to shoot, with successful shots dropping through the net, into the real-life can below.

In a cheeky mix of virtual and real worlds, players retrieve the balls at the end of the game, by upturning the can, for the balls to virtually fall out.

“It’s a great addition to the Swigr concept. It’s a fun, shareworthy experience, and its first-of-its kind,” said Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Immertia, the company behind the concept. “Millions of people watch basketball every week, with many enjoying a few beers throughout the game.

“We’ve added this feature to Swigr, as a cheeky activity to add to the occasion. We’ll be eager to see the response from consumers.”

Swigr is an AR App that enables brands to offer a social, engaging experience that starts from their label.

“Basketball isn’t a core feature of the platform. But for the right brand, with the right audience, this will be a great add on.

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