Coffee brand’s new production facility to include canning line


Arizona coffee retailer and roaster Cartel Roasting Co will building a dedicated 12,000 square foot production facility that will feature a cold brewing and canning line.

The brand has also rolled out a full rebrand that ‘more accurately depicts the care, love and community that’s present in in every bean, cup (and can) of robust, aromatic coffee they touch’. 

Debuting this rebrand and expansion at a time when the company is poised for significant growth is no accident — it’s been 15 years in the making, and touches all four of the company’s verticals: Retail, Wholesale, RTD and Bakery.

Cartel’s new look is informed by the essence of what they do: “Make Good Things”; how they do it: “Seed To Cup”; and why: “Origins Matter”. 

Crafted in partnership with Monomyth Studio, Cartel Roasting Co.’s new look started with a simple challenge, to more accurately reflect what makes Cartel unique, including hand-roasting every single bean they serve, exclusively working with small scale coffee farmers, and supporting the local communities they serve. 

Most important, from the enhanced website and all-new Cartel App (coming soon), to the expanded line-up of canned coffees and the behind-the-scenes changes (new roastery, cannery, and bakery), Cartel growing, sustainably, with plans to add four to five new retail locations across the Southwest in the next five years.

Founded in Tempe, AZ in 2007 by Amy and Jason Silberschlag, Cartel has grown from a single coffee cart to now 10 highly unique retail locations, plus an in-house coffee roastery in Tempe, AZ. 

And now Cartel is constructing high-tech new coffee production facility and cannery in Tempe, where it’s been busy refining and perfecting it’s cold-brewing recipe to create all-new Ready To Drink offerings: Sonoran Sun and Night Vision Nitro. 

Specially blended and cold-steeped for 22-hours, these new canned coffees feature hand-drawn illustrations from a local artist, and are available at all Cartel locations, plus all Whole Foods grocery stores across AZ, CA, HI and NV. 

Cartel’s freshly-roasted coffee is also available at Whole Foods and select grocery stores across Arizona, as well as via the all-new website, for both in-store pickup or delivery.

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