KAISHA Packaging supply aluminium seals for 2 billion COVID vaccine doses

India-based company KAISHA Packaging has successfully provided over 2 billion doses worth of flip-top aluminium seals used for packaging COVID vaccines. 

The seal is used as a closure for injection vials during the vaccination drive and is an essential part of the vaccine package ensuring tamper-proof delivery. 

KAISHA Packaging has been a constant and biggest supplier for these seals to all the vaccines available in the Indian market and abroad. 

To ensure a consistent supply of vaccines and plug any shortages or gaps, the company managed to arrange and stock an extremely large volume of raw material. 

Not only did KAISHA Packaging successfully manage this challenge, it also expanded its capacity by over 450 million pieces to reach the overall capacity of 1.2 billion pieces per annum over the past year.

Rishad Dadachanji, Director, KAISHA Group of Companies, said: “This is a testimonial of our commitment to support India’s vaccine drive and developers with the best packaging solutions. We are proud to have provided seals for over 2 billion vaccine doses so far. 

“Under the current circumstances of ambiguity around the COVID pandemic, Kaisha is well-prepared to rise up to any supply challenges.”

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