Low alcohol canned wine to boom in 2022

Amfora London

Low alcohol canned wine is predicted to see huge growth in 2022, according to Wine Intelligence.

The research company has made its predictions for the wine industry next year.

Among the the trends they expect to see in 2022 are:

1.) Reducing glass packaging weight

2.) Luxury wine will need to burnish sustainability credentials

3.) The premiumisation train will keep on rolling in 2022

4.) Wine in cans will become low-alcohol wine RTDs in cans

5.) Wine industry needs to do battle for global talent

The canned wine sector is one that has seen tremendous growth this year and that is predicted to continue.

Wine Intelligence said: “Canned wine made huge strides in 2021, both from a technical and a sales point of view, and this will continue in 2022. 

“However, the big innovation will come from industry building new product sub-categories in wine that hit both of the growing trends of the 2020s: wine in a portable, single serve format, with a low-alcohol formulation that turns it from wine to a wine-based sparkling drink. 

“The continued growth of RTDs, especially in the US, is being led by an unprecedented bout of innovation in the category, and remains on course to grow substantially in 2022, according to forecasts from the IWSR. 

“More astute RTD manufacturers are looking for ways in which they can premiumise their offering (tapping into the same trends as discussed in Prediction #3, above), which at the moment is largely focused around spirits-based beverages, using premium branded whiskies, rums and gins to drive consumer demand up the price ladder. 

“There is also an increasing focus on flavour, according to the IWSR’s in-house market experts, which will see a shakeout of poorly formulated, low-value RTDs. 

“Eventually, we think, the same logic of successful RTD innovation – marquee brands, better flavours – will be applied to premium wine products. 

“We expect the first movers here will be the sparkling wine producers, especially Champagne houses with an eye on extending their reach into the low alcohol / single serve space.”

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