Pet food brand launches canned plant-based range

Pet food producer Lily’s Kitchen is launching a new range of plant-based recipes for dogs in 2022.

The Plant Power range, which will be available from January 3, has been developed to tap into key trends around reducing meat consumption for health and environmental reasons.

Rodney Zasman, the resident vet at Lily’s Kitchen, said: “One of the key things to watch out for when feeding a plant-based meal is to make sure that the recipe is complete. This means that the food is nutritionally balanced, and your dog won’t be missing out on any vital nutrients.

“Pet parents who are looking to introduce a plant-based meal to their dog’s diet can rest assured that apart from increasing their intake of fruit and veg, having dogs join in Meat Free Mondays may offer health benefits, particularly for dogs with sensitive tummies, or who have sensitivities to specific animal proteins.”

The two wet tins are Mighty Burrito Bowl with Jackfruit (RRP £3.00, 400g tin) and Vibrant Rainbow Stew (RRP £3.00, 400g tin and £1.50, 150g tray), which are made with plant-based protein and natural ingredients.

The new treats come in two grain-free recipes: Tropical Mango Jerky (RRP £3.00, 70g) and Succulent Sweet Potato Jerky with Jackfruit (RRP £3.00, 70g).

Samantha Crossley, Marketing Director at Lily’s Kitchen, commented: “As dogs are omnivores, feeding them vegan food once or twice a week is the perfect way to incorporate more vegetables into their diet in a healthy way.

“The new Plant Power range has been designed so that dogs can cut down their meat consumption, but still enjoy a nutritionally complete meal. They’re so tasty, dogs won’t even notice the difference.

“We believe that all pets deserve to eat proper food full of nourishing, natural ingredients, and the newest range does exactly that and celebrates the power of plants.”

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