RUSAL contribute $105m to help fight against Covid-19


RUSAL, the Russian aluminium company, has contributed $105 million to help the fight against Covid-19 in Russia.

The company has supported seven emergency medical centres in Siberia and the Urals to help treat patients with the virus.

RUSAL donated over $52 million to build the centre, which comprised all equipment needed to treat patients.

Evgenii Nikitin, RUSAL’s General Director said: “RUSAL is one of the first Russian companies to launch a full-scale healthcare support programme to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our experience of providing critical medical facilities in Guinea to fight the Ebola epidemic prepared us well to address the urgent healthcare facilities we now need in Russia, especially in small, remote cities where there is often a lack of access to the latest medical equipment.”

“RUSAL has donated more than $105 million (eight billion Russian Ruble) in the fight against COVID-19 since March 2020. But it is much more than a financial contribution – this is about creating a lasting legacy of giving back to those communities across the globe which matter to us and providing care to the people who need it most.”

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