AkzoNobel rated among top European employers


AkzoNobel has been rated as a European Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute following the latest benchmark review.

The company has been recognized in a total of eight countries, with five repeat certifications (Brazil, China, the Netherlands, the UK and the US) and three new titles (France, Germany and Sweden). It means AkzoNobel is now classed as a European Top Employer because five of the certified countries are in Europe.

“I’m very proud that our focus on employee development, engagement and well-being is continuing to help our employees bring their best selves to work every day – despite all the ongoing challenges,” says Joëlle Boxus, AkzoNobel’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

“We’re making every effort to further improve our organizational health and ensure that everyone feels included and listened to. Receiving eight certifications – three of them for the first time – suggests we’re definitely on the right track and we’re determined to do even more to enhance our position as a leading employer.”

The rigorous review by the Top Employers Institute benchmarks companies around the world against best practices in human resources. This year, the company scored particularly well in the areas of business strategy, leadership and values.

The five repeat certifications also maintain a strong track record, marking the third year in a row for AkzoNobel in the Netherlands and the US, the sixth for Brazil, ninth for China, and tenth for the UK.

Adds Boxus: “We’ve put People. Planet. Paint. at the heart of everything we do and have an unwavering commitment to investing in people and people-driven initiatives. We’re growing together, building our capabilities and doing everything we can to remain at the forefront of our industry.”

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