Gulf Can 2022. Intercan/SLAC products

SLAC International offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Can and End line Equipment and solutions supplying quality products from coil to palletiser.

The Intercan Group in our UK/EMEA supporting plant offers not only all of the SLAC Range but specialised decorating equipment.

 From the Intercan IPP8 offline, 8 colour offset litho, label development printer through the IPP10; 10 colour version for all beverage and aerosol can sizes. INTERCAN offer low-cost solutions without impacting on production capacity thereby maximising production line efficiency.

Intercan ICM10; 10 colour low speed production printer (in final development). This machine offers smaller volume customers (micro brewers for example) a competitive JIT capacity and comparable quality to the major manufacturers.

SC-DP-200-6 Digital Can Printer;

 Market requirements vary around the world.  Flexible manufacturing

(Personalization and small order handling) and anti-counterfeit ability are

important areas. Personalization is required by the younger target market.

Special pictures, important events. The other area is local products with their

own labels.  These products usually have limited runs as well as annual volumes,

but they require images to reflect their regional characteristics.

All this is possible with the advantages of digital printing but our latest

developments also feature improved print quality and stability in mass

production. More AI and remote support options. 1200×1200 resolution

capability with 200-300cpm @ 600x600DPI Resolution, all on a larger specialised

Epsom printing and new software for one-can-one-picture, one-can-one-code


For more details and technical specifications of any of the above plus the complete SLAC Group Range please see Peter Strode or Chris McKenzie at our tabletop in Gulf Can in Dubai in May 2022.

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