Flavoured Coke cans get design overhaul

Coca-Cola has unveiled brand new packaging designs for its flavoured Coke products, which will launch this month.

The company is putting a renewed focus on its Coke brand, and dumping niche products that are not driving as much demand.

In the United States, the Cherry Coke can is getting an overall with a new magenta design. There is a white Coca-Cola label on the regular version, with a black Coca-Cola logo on the Zero Sugar version.

The new Vanilla Coke cans are cream coloured, while the Cherry Vanilla Coke flavour has a mixture of the two on its packaging.

No caffeine Coke, both regular and no sugar, also have new designs in keeping with this packaging overhaul.

Senior brand manager of Coke Choice Portfolio, Natalia Suarez, said the overhaul was to ‘modernise and simplify the look… [and] help consumers find the flavour they’re looking for on the shelf’.

The updated cans are supposed to ‘quickly communicate flavors and clearly distinguish between full-sugar and zero-sugar/calorie-free options,’ she added.

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