Katy Perry launches canned RTD non-alcoholic beverage

Global pop star Katy Perry has launched De Soi, a line of sparkling ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages in cans and bottles.

In partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and AMASS, a portfolio of premium botanic beverages and self-care products, and its Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan, De Soi has launched in time for Dry January with three expressions: Golden Hour, Champignon Dreams and Purple Lune. 

Reminiscent of a light, medium and full-bodied wine, De Soi’s three flavours layer botanicals like blackcurrant, birch and yuzu with natural adaptogens including reishi mushroom, ashwagandha and maca for a settled yet sharper mind. 

“As a creative professional and a busy mom, I was searching for a delicious and bubbly ready-to-sip beverage that didn’t get in the way of early mornings and long nights,” says De Soi Co-Founder Katy Perry. 

“Life is filled with so many moments I don’t want to forget. By partnering with AMASS, I was able to create De Soi, apéritifs that allow me to be my brightest and most dynamic self without giving up the complex taste and stress-soothing effect I look for in a celebratory drink or nightcap.”             

“Entering a new phase of life focused on family, health and wellness, Katy was the ideal partner for De Soi. With the sober-curious movement on the rise, we saw this as an exciting opportunity to take a refined approach to mindful consumption,” says Morgan McLachlan, De Soi and AMASS Co-Founder, CPO and Master Distiller. 

“We carefully formulated De Soi with mind-mellowing adaptogens to help consumers create, relax and ease into the night by blending natural botanicals that put the fun in functional, whether you’re laughing with friends over dinner or indulging in a solo toast by yourself.”

De Soi is available at www.drinkdesoi.com in 750mL bottles or 4-packs of 8oz cans for $25.  

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