Psychedelic Water lands at premium retailer

Psychedelic Water continues their push for retail expansion by launching with Foxtrot, the modern convenience store that marries rapid delivery and pickup convenience. 

Known for their one-of-a-kind holographic packaging, Psychedelic Water continues to fuel creative thinkers and those within the Psychedelic space with their mood-boosting product which is now available on shelves and on-demand delivery through all foxtrot locations. 

Psychedelic Water has emerged as the leader for the sober-curious, temporary teetotallers, and non-alcohol drinkers who can finally forget soulless soda waters as they reach for the first legal psychedelic consumer product of its kind.

“Convenience is one of the most important channels in beverage and is crucial to our retail launch strategy,” according to Ashley Sheeran, Retail Sales at Psychedelic Water. 

“We’re excited to partner with Foxtrot, a market known as a discovery hotspot, where our product will be on the shelf at local stores as well as online for convenient 30-minute delivery.”

Psychedelic Water is a psychoactive, lightly carbonated blend that creates a sense of euphoria for a hangover-free experience with its unique formulation. It is not simply water, but a state of mind.

The brand recognised their massive fanbase is looking to find new ways of seeing things, much like the disrupters who launched Psychedelic Water and created a category all their own.

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