Slovakia launches deposit return scheme

Viridor TOMRA

Slovakia has launched a new deposit return scheme this month for aluminium cans and PET bottles.

Minister of the Environment, Ján Budaj, unveiled the country’s new deposit system in a bid to reduce their waste and aim collect a large portion of the disposable packaging. 

This means that bottles and cans labelled with the letter “Z” can now be returned directly to shops, either to the special machines or to the counters.

The prices of drinks in PET bottles and cans will be stated without the 15-cent deposit, but customers will pay it upon purchase.

There will be a transition period to enable traders to sell the cans and bottles they still have in stock without the letter “Z” until June. 

These bottles cannot be returned to the special machines, though. Only undamaged and unsqueezed bottles and cans can be returned to the machines. 

Currently, more than 2,000 delivery points have joined the deposit return system, but more are expected to take part in the coming months.

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