Coca-Cola unveils Africa sustainability platform

Coke Zero

Coca-Cola has launched a new Africa-focused sustainability platform called Jamii.

The launch of Jamii represents its regional environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, which is anchored on plans to preserve water, manage waste and empower women and youth economically.

“Whether it is giving people access to safe drinking water, creating economic opportunities for people in dire need of it, or reducing the impact of our operations on the environment – we are committed to making that difference,” Coca-Cola company’s Africa president Bruno Pietracci said in a statement.

“This is a total refresh of what we’ve done but a lot of it is building on the capabilities and achievements, success that we’ve had in the past,” vice president for public affairs, communication and sustainability Patricia Obozuwa said.

With water being the global beverages brand’s lifeline, it has become imperative for it to find ways to preserve this natural resource. This is especially necessary in African continent, which is a water-scarce continent.

The group’s AOU division has committed itself to replenishing 100% of the volume of water it uses to manufacture its beverages.

To build on this success, the company looks to continue to find more efficient methods of water usage such as recycling or reusing water in markets where its technologies allow in order to ensure more sustainable growth. 

The second core strategy of the company’s sustainability plan is focused on creating a world without waste. Coca-Cola has committed to not only using 50% recycled material in its packaging but also to collecting and recycling the equivalent of 100% of the bottles or cans sold by 2030.

“Clearly, the world has a packaging problem and being the world’s biggest beverage company, we have a responsibility to help solve it,” Obozuwa said.

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