Craft Canning secures ‘rare and innovative’ printer

Craft Canning has secured a rare and innovative printer that will ‘revolutionise’ its growing custom canning operation. 

The new printer, the German-made Hinterkopf D240.2, is the only one of its kind on the West Coast and one of ten in the world. 

Craft Canning says the new acquisition gives them ability to offer unparalleled customisation and flexibility to breweries, cideries and wineries seeking direct printing for canning projects of all sizes. The new printer will be in operation starting April 1, 2022.

The Hinterkopf D240.2 is the most advanced digital printing technology for the seamless decoration of cans. 

Craft Canning clients will have access to the printer’s advanced photo and coloir quality, enhanced precision, and cost-efficient solutions. 

The new printer is also an environmentally friendly alternative to adhesive labels, which render cans unrecyclable.

“Craft Canning’s success has been built on helping breweries and beverage producers expand into professionally packaged products. Our new printer is the next phase in a series of additional services we are providing to expand our top-quality canning services for beverage producers of all sizes,” explains Bill Anders, Eastside Distilling’s Business Unit Manager of Can Printing. 

“As we have done with our mobile canning business, being able to offer can printing with low MOQs will make can printing accessible to smaller producers as well,” Anders continues.

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