Stolle expands Customer Training Department

Stolle Machinery is redefining its Customer Training Group to accommodate the rapidly expanding can making industry and customer needs.

With a Customer Training Department located at their Centennial, Colorado headquarters facility, Stolle is combining the training activities from their global manufacturing sites to create a Global Training Team that will be able to provide all Stolle customers with high-quality, customised training on Stolle’s full line of two-piece can machinery as well as endmaking machinery.

With the announcement of Stolle’s new SATO (Stolle Advanced Technical Operation) R&D center in Centennial, the training will not only cover all of Stolle’s existing equipment, but also new developments and equipment that Stolle will provide to can/end makers. In addition to training on their equipment, Stolle also offers a number of training programs on the ancillary machines in a can line, including water treatment and wastewater systems, air systems, coolant filtration systems, QA lab, line control and electrical systems.

Like many industries, the can/end making industry is dealing with a labor shortage, especially with
many experienced employees retiring. This makes it difficult to provide new employees with adequate
training to keep meeting increasing production demands with quality products.

Stolle also recognises that can/end plants have their focus on production and serving their customers’ needs which makes it difficult to take experienced people off the production floor to train the next generation of can/end makers. Stolle can relieve that stress from the plants by having seasoned veterans available for training, as well as a global reach with many other well-qualified experienced technicians in Europe, Brazil and Asia.

Stolle can provide tailor-made training classes and materials to meet the specific needs
of any can/end facility, holding classes at the customers plant which allows for more people to attend
and reduces the time and cost for the customer. Stolle can also hold training classes at their facility in
Centennial, or at another convenient location.

Stolle offers several broad-scope classes for can/end plant employees to provide a general overview,
including the 1-day canmaking 101 designed to familiarise non-production employees with the can
making process and the various machines involved. The two-day canmaking 102 class is designed to
provide more detailed training to new production employees – it covers the canmaking 101
information and goes into more details on each of the machines in the production line.

Stolle’s Basic Can Tooling class covers details on tooling for cuppers, bodymakers and necker/flanger machines.

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