Final panel announced for Latamcan roundtable discussion

The Metal Packager’s event at LATAMCAN and live-streamed to an international audience is fast approaching…

Taking place on 18 April 3.30pm local time (8.30pm CEST), the Metal Packager will be hosting an industry first, a live industry podcast at the Latamcan trade show, with key industry figures discussing the pertinent industry topics currently facing the canmaking industry.

As well as delegates at the show being able to enjoy this special edition panellist discussion, the event will also be live-streamed, ensuring that those not able to attend Latamcan will be able to watch it.

As well as discussing industry topics with the panel on the stage, the audience will also get the opportunity to ask questions to the panel as part of a Q&A session, which will be included at the end.

We’re delighted to announce that joining us on the day will be Davide Padovani from Steelforce Packaging, Larry Churchwell from DRT Metal Packaging, Ben Jo from PPG Packaging Coatings and Chris McAlpine from Stolle Machinery.

Commenting on the event, the Metal Packager’s Alex Fordham, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing our regular metal packaging podcast to a live event audience.

“Having secured a stellar panel, we’re excited to bring an interactive conference event to an audience globally via our YouTube Live stream.” Which you can find here :

Raul Martinez, director of Latamcan, said: ‘’We’re delighted to be welcoming the Metal Packager’s live panel event to Latamcan 2024. It’s an honour to host the inaugural event and we feel that Latamcan is the perfect partner to facilitate this.

“The roundtable discussion will enhance the quality of Latamcan’s conference and we look forward to a vibrant discussion.”

Meet the speakers:


Since 2012, Davide has taken the helm of the joint venture, Steelforce Packaging, playing a pivotal role in its expansion and consolidation. He spearheaded efforts to broaden our supplier base and drove entry into new international sales markets. His strategic vision was instrumental in crafting tailored, market-specific strategies that seamlessly integrated into our overall growth strategy.

As Chief Executive Officer of Steelforce Packaging, Davide continues to drive success and innovation. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in promoting our smart sourcing business model on a global scale. Davide Padovani is a multifaceted leader, blending academic excellence, a deep understanding of the business world, and a history of successful entrepreneurial ventures to steer our company toward innovation and growth.


Larry Churchwell is the President of DRT’s Metal Packaging and Precision divisions, based in Dayton, Ohio.  DRT Metal Packaging has a rich heritage of innovation and quality in the beverage and food end markets.  DRT Precision built a reputation for high precision machining and quality with complex products serving industries from injection molding to medical applications. Larry brings over 25 years of experience to this role with 12 years of experience specific to the food and beverage packaging industry.


Ben Jo is Packaging Coating’s senior director of global strategic accounts at PPG. As a member of the global leadership team, Ben is responsible for delivering long-term, profitable growth and customer satisfaction with Packaging Coatings’ key customers.

Leading with a people-first approach, Ben has extensive experience and a successful track record in business development, strategic operations and marketing.


Chris was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, USA.  He has been with Stolle Machinery and one of its predecessors, Alcoa Packaging Machinery, virtually his entire career starting in December of 1996, right out of college.  Stolle is the leading supplier of machinery, technology, and integration services in the two-piece can making industry. 

Chris worked for Alcoa in Randolph, New York as a Field Service Engineer and Equipment Design Engineer.  In 2000, Chris moved to Centennial, Colorado as a Design Engineer and later took on sales roles for spare parts, equipment, and systems integration projects. 

Currently, Chris has commercial responsibility for Stolle’s Systems Integration Projects and oversees the sales team in Stolle’s Colorado and Europe offices.  Chris enjoys the challenge of working with customers that are new to the industry, setting up a pathway for their success in can or end manufacturing, then seeing them grow into canmakers.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Regis University. 

Chris’ passions outside of work are traveling, biking, skiing, and hiking in the beautiful Colorado wilderness or just spending time with his son, girlfriend, and the dogs.

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