Grove Collaborative announces packaging redesign

Grove Collaborative Holdings, Inc., a leading sustainable consumer products company, Certified B Corporation, and Public Benefit Corporation, announced a rebrand and product launches for its flagship owned brand, Grove Co., which comes in aluminium packaging. 

As part of a new brand strategy centred on customer needs and sustainability, the Company is providing updates on key sustainability initiatives and core partnerships to continue leading the industry beyond its reliance on single-use plastic waste.

“Grove Collaborative is on a mission to make consumer products a force for human and environmental good — a mission we pursue each day by creating and curating planet-friendly, wallet-friendly, and efficacious products to support each customer’s sustainability journey,” said Jeff Yurcisin, Chief Executive Officer of Grove Collaborative. 

“Earth Month is an opportunity to celebrate the progress we’ve made with our customers and the impact from our values-aligned sustainability partners in moving the consumer products industry away from single-use plastic waste. And — when you consider only 5% of plastic waste is recycled and 89% of ocean plastic is single-use plastic — our mission is more critical now than ever before.”

This April, Grove celebrates the progress made on key sustainability goals, including:

  • Certified B Corporation: Marking their tenth year as a certified B Corporation and fourth year as a Public Benefit Corporation.
  • Plastic Intensity: Q4 2023 marked the lowest plastic intensity (pounds of plastic per $100 of net revenue) across the entire business, including owned brands and third-party products sold online and in retail stores. Grove’s plastic intensity was 1.07 pounds of plastic per $100 in net revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023, an improvement from 1.11 pounds in the third quarter of 2023 and 1.08 pounds in the fourth quarter of 2022.
  • Plastic Recovery: Grove has collected more than 15 million pounds of single-use nature- and ocean-bound plastic since 2020 through their partnership with plastic recovery partners – including rePurpose Global.
  • Plastic Avoidance: Grove has also helped to avoid 10.8 million pounds of single-use plastic since 2017, including 1.7 million pounds in 2023 alone, by offering a broad assortment of products that contain less plastic compared to other household brands.
  • Conservation: Grove has completed its first year of partnership with The Nature Conservancy to support Indigenous-led conservation across 2 million acres in the Tongass Rainforest of Southeast Alaska.

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