INX university expands online curriculum programme

Three new training courses were recently added to INX University’s curriculum, the free online graphic arts eLearning resource exclusively for INX customers.

Since it was implemented nearly 10 years ago, INX University has proven to be the go-to source for ink-related and colour management training education. Renee Schouten, vice president of marketing for INX, says the three new water-based ink training courses – water ink 101, process inks, and what is colour? – are entry-level sessions that set the stage for future professional development.

“INX University is a value-added service and a great opportunity for our customers to augment the skillset of their workforce using these educational tools. Each course can be learned at your own pace and training certificates are awarded upon completion. In addition to the online courses, INX also offers in-person training seminars.

“The water ink 101 course,” continued Schouten, “explains the ingredients, manufacturing, quality control and troubleshooting processes of water-based ink. The Process Inks session examines the reasons for using a separate Process set and basic troubleshooting. And What Is colour? delves into basic colour theory, colour adjustment, and the understanding of X-Rite Lab colour readings.”

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