Hell Energy to expand can and filling capacity

Hell Energy

Hell Energy has successfully issued Hungarian Forint 67 billion nominal value green bonds in the framework of the Hungarian National Bank’s Development Bond Program, during which it is planning to implement capacity expansions.

The 10-year fixed interest bond accrues 10% after five years, and when it matures it pays 50% interest in a single sum.

From the funds, the company is planning to expand its filling capacity and its Quality Pack aluminum can manufacturing factory to satisfy increasing demand. Hell is planning to construct a 700m long 78,000 square meter new building complex, at one end of which it is planning to install an aluminum can production line, at the other end new bottling lines, while the warehouses in the middle will connect the two factory units.

After the new capacities will be put into operation, planned in 2023, HELL ENERGY will be able to produce almost an annual 3 billion non-alcoholic aluminum can products at its Szikszó factory complex.

“The volume of our fundraising is comparable to the issues of large international companies traded on Budapest Stock Exchange, thus we can state that Hell has risen to a new level,” said Barnabás Csereklye, managing director of Hell. “Our green bond framework was certified by Sustainalytics, the world’s leading ESG (environmental, social and governance) Qualification Company, so an independent expert qualification certifies our sustainability and environmental strategy.

“The funds raised through the so far largest amount of green bonds issued under the NKP will be used to finance the production of beverage products adjusted to the circular economy and sustainable production technologies.” 

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