Ball releases inaugural combined annual and sustainability report

Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation released its inaugural combined report for 2021 to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of how environmental, social and economic sustainability are driving growth across the company’s global aluminium packaging and aerospace businesses. 

The report details Ball’s commitment to transparently sharing progress towards its 2030 Sustainability Goals and integrating sustainability into all aspects of its business strategy.   

“While 2021 presented challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain issues, we continued to work together as a global team to drive sustainable innovation and deliver results for shareholders, customers, and our communities,” said Dan Fisher, President and CEO-elect, Ball Corporation. 

“At Ball, sustainability is a business imperative. We remain committed to driving systemic change throughout our company and industry, and the progress made last year is a testament to that.”

Ball’s sustainability strategy covers the company’s entire value chain, focusing on improving product stewardship by supporting customers’ goals and developing net zero emission and circular strategies throughout the entire life cycle of its products, and accelerating positive social impact for employees and the communities in which the company operates.

Highlights from the 2021 Ball Corporation Combined Report include:

  • Strides on renewable energy, including sourcing 44% of global electricity demand in 2021 from renewables, resulting in the elimination of nearly 409,000 metric tons of GHG emissions year-over-year.
  • Year over year reduction of carbon emissions associated with global beverage direct operations by 19%, progress towards the company’s 1.5° science-based emissions reduction target.
  • Ball earned Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification for 35 of its beverage packaging facilities in South America and EMEA. ASI certification enables Ball to create a stronger and more resilient supply chain, while underscoring the company’s commitment to source 100% of its aluminium needs from certified sustainable sources by 2030.
  • Increased sports and entertainment venue adoption of the Ball Aluminum Cup, an infinitely recyclable product that provides consumers with an enhanced drinking experience and helps venues meet sustainability goals. For example, Ball Arena eliminated 271,000 plastic cups and bottles in 2021.
  • A successful launch of the Ball Aerospace-built Operational Land Imager 2 instrument aboard Landsat 9, the latest in a series of missions between NASA and the United States Geological Society which provide monitoring of key natural and economic resources from orbit.
  • More than 60% of the aluminium supplied for Ball’s aerosol packaging originated from low carbon sources.
  • Increased annual spend with minority- and women-owned business suppliers in the United States by 32% to $138.2 million.
  • Contributed $5 million in global support for Ball communities impacted by COVID-19.

In addition to reporting progress toward the company’s 2030 sustainability goals, the combined report outlines Ball’s role in driving the transition to a circular economy. 

This builds on the company’s 2021 Vision for a Perfect Circle which provides a comprehensive framework for how the industry can achieve an ambitious circular model. 

This framework calls for 100% collection, extended producer responsibility and improved sorting infrastructure. 

The Combined Report also includes in-depth updates on Ball initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion, and community. To learn more, download the full 2021 Ball Corporation Combined Report

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