Waterloo Sparkling Water launches new flavours

Waterloo Sparkling Water announced two new flavours with the launch of its Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade sparkling waters. 

The brands says the new offerings are perfect for elevating everyday moments, getting creative with cocktails and mocktails or packing in a cooler for outdoor adventures.

The Blackberry Lemonade flavour offers a dynamic twist on classic country lemonade with complex, ripe and juicy blackberry notes layered in, while Cherry Limeade features a reminiscent blend of lime citrus and bright red cherries with notes of grenadine, pomegranate, and orange citrus.

“At Waterloo, our commitment to flavour is at the core of everything we do,” says Jason Shiver, Waterloo CEO. 

“We’ve generated a passionate group of Waterloo fans that continue to tell us that our authentic flavours taste just like they are supposed to taste. Our new Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade flavours continue to deliver on that promise.”

Like all Waterloo flavours, the two new flavour innovations are made with Non-GMO Project Verified natural flavours and purified carbonated water, bringing forward uniquely authentic fruit-inspired taste and aroma for an overall clean, crisp, and refreshing experience that supports healthy, active lifestyles. 

For fans who want more ways to enjoy our better-for-you Waterloo Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade all year long, Waterloo has also introduced recipes featuring the new flavours, including the refreshing Blackberry Cucumber Collins and the sweet & tart Cherry Berry Smash.

“Our flavour authenticity is what drives people to drink Waterloo,” said Adam Price, SVP of Operations and Flavour Development Lead at Waterloo. 

“We know that flavour goes beyond just taste. When developing new offerings, we’re also perfecting the aroma, mouthfeel, carbonation and more, to ensure our consumers get the full experience they expect from us. 

“When creating our Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade innovations, we tinkered with the flavours for over 10 months to craft authentic flavours that transport you back to the carefree days of summer.”

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