Brewery partners with band for canned beer and aluminium cups

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc, America’s Oldest Brewery, announced that FLIGHT by Yuengling is partnering with Imagine Dragons for its summer 2022 Mercury Tour. 

“Yuengling and Imagine Dragons are raising the bar when it comes to summer fun and creating one-of-a-kind music experiences for our fans,” said Wendy Yuengling, Chief Administrative Officer and 6th generation family member. 

“It’s an amazing collaboration for FLIGHT by Yuengling, our low-carb upscale light brand, to align with such a great band that is known for their high-energy, entertaining performances.”

FLIGHT by Yuengling’s partnership with Imagine Dragons includes an on-pack VIP Experience sweepstakes and concert ticket opportunities for winners across Yuengling’s 23-state footprint. Retail displays will feature Imagine Dragons signage, co-branded speakers and special limited-edition Imagine Dragons 12 pack cans of FLIGHT by Yuengling. 

In bars and restaurants, fans can look for FLIGHT promotions featuring co-branded aluminium cups throughout the summer. 

QR codes on the FLIGHT 12oz cans and aluminium cups will lead to the latest Imagine Dragons music for fans to enjoy.

Additionally, as part of the FLIGHT by Yuengling summer collaboration, Yuengling will be joining the band in donating to the Tyler Robinson Foundation—which the band helped found with the Robinson family in 2013 after their son, Tyler Robinson, passed away from Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.  

Every year, Imagine Dragons donates to and helps to raise millions for the foundation, which aims to strengthen families financially and emotionally impacted by a paediatric cancer diagnosis. 

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