Crown plants in Turkey recognised for sustainability efforts

Crown’s beverage can operations in Izmit and Osmaniye have been recognised with a Zero Waste Certificate Initiative awarded by the Turkish government.

The award is part of Turkey’s Zero Waste Policy, an action plan initiated in 2017 by local authorities, with the primary goal of collecting and separating all waste and increasing recycling rates, both in industrial and consumer environments across the country.

With the active engagement of Crown’s employees, the two plants implemented a series of measures that yielded powerful results:

  • Re-using wastewater through the installation of a reverse osmosis system;
  • Reducing hazardous waste by 80%;
  • Reducing chemical usage by 60% and where possible, implementing recycling and decreasing waste incineration;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates by more than 10% through increased energy-saving activities;
  • Reducing GHGs emitted during the transportation of hazardous chemicals and waste by 90%;
  • Reducing waste deposited in landfills by 95%.

These efforts were supported by the installation of a new compost machine to convert canteen waste to organic fertiliser and using a wastewater treatment process for the water from the cooling towers, thus achieving a 20% decrease of water usage.

“One of our greatest achievements on our sustainability journey has been seeing our employees understand the impact they can have on making our daily operations more environmentally-friendly,” commented Alp Sarioglu, General Manager Turkey at Crown Bevcan EMEA. 

“We believe that to truly embed sustainability in an organisation, we must engage the workforce in the co-creation of our operating practices. We encourage and appreciate their continued contributions to our progress.”

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