Golden Grail announces switch from plastic to cans

Golden Grail Technology has announced that it is switching from plastic to recyclable cans. 

Last week, the company said that the new designs are completed and ready for production and that it has hired Sack Lunch marketing.

This has allowed Golden Grail to streamline their design process in order to turn around new, fresh, updated design and the better for environment packaging in record time.

The company acquires proven brands with a loyal consumer base, goes through a series of operational assessments, gets them ready for production, then sales and distribution. 

“We are very pleased with our streamlined process and we are demonstrating better than expected execution,” Steven Hoffman, Interim CEO Golden Grail Tech.

“The beverage industry is extremely competitive and the ability to move quickly and efficiently positions us ahead of the pack. 

“Golden Grail continuously evaluates and tweaks our operation in order to maintain this competitive advantage. We are very excited to show Tickle Waters customers the new design and the new environmentally friendly packaging. We are confident this will open up many doors for the brand and get a lot of pull off the shelves.”

Erin Heit, Chief Marketing Consultant, said: “The new design stays true to the original brand, in order to maintain brand identity with the huge consumer base already established, yet offers a fresh new, clean, modern look. 

“Switching to cans was an absolute necessity, due to the positive impact it will have on our environment and our youth. We already know kids and parents love Tickle Water and now we have made it even more relevant. 

“We plan to partner and support national organisations that promote healthy kids, both physically and mentally and furthermore, now we will be embraced by the millions who care about the environment. We have made Tickle Water a win-win-win.”

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