International Can S.A. joins ASI as new member

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative announced that International Can S.A. has joined as a new Industrial Users member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 219.

International Can has specialised in the production of aluminium monoblock cans for aerosol products in the personal care / cosmetics sector. 

This includes personal hygiene and cosmetics items such as: deodorant spray, hair spray, shampoo, shaving gel, shaving foam, body care foam, mousse and perfume.

Quality manager Viktoria Ademes said: “International Can S.A. is a young company and so is our development team. All the more we are encouraged to put much effort in development and market changes. 

“We have new machines to produce high quality products to keep up with competition. Since last year, we are very well dedicated to the recycling technology and expend effort to this topic. 

“We want to be part of a transparent and sharing association. In addition, we would like to get certified by ASI and we are looking to get a Chain of Custody Certification.”

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