Nidec Minster

Nidec Minster is excited for the opportunity to reunite with our customers at the LatamCan Show in Sao Paulo. 

With unprecedented growth in the metal packaging industry, Nidec Minster is excited to share its capital investment plan already underway to support the near-term as well as long-term demands of its customers with increased throughput capacities for higher volume and quicker press deliveries. 

Nidec Minster is also taking a proactive approach to the future service and spare parts needs of its growing industry through expansion of field service and customer support teams, as well as expanded spare part inventories throughout the world.

Nidec Minster will be showcasing its full line of metal packaging equipment including cupper, shell, and EOE presses. Of particular interest are its newest products, the ECH-140 conversion press and DAC-H165 cupping press.   

The ECH-140 press raises the bar for end conversion with a robust design and increased die space to accommodate a 6-out die. With a maximum press speed of 850 SPM, this press is capable of producing 5,100 ends per minute – a 70% increase in production over today’s standard.  

Likewise, the DAC-H165 press represents a new era in cup production utilizing a cast iron frame, dynamic balancing, quick-lift slides, and hydrostatic piston guiding for unparalleled speed and bottom-dead-center repeatability performance. This press is capable of 350 SPM which equates to 4,900 cups per minute with a 14-out die – a 40% increase in production compared to traditional cupping systems.

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