Bud Light NEXT gets Climate Neutral Certified

Bud Light NEXT announced that it has completed the process to become Climate Neutral Certified. 

By measuring and offsetting last year’s carbon emissions and implementing reduction plans for future emissions, Bud Light NEXT has met the independent certification standard from Climate Neutral, a nonprofit organisation working with brands and consumers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. 

The new designation comes just two months after hitting store shelves as Anheuser-Busch’s first-ever zero carb beer.

Climate Neutral’s certification builds on internationally recognised standards for carbon measurement, neutrality, and reduction. 

When Climate Neutral certifies a brand such as Bud Light NEXT, it means the brand has chosen to be accountable for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production and operations of their goods or services. 

To showcase its commitment, Bud Light NEXT will proudly feature the Climate Neutral certification on its packaging beginning in June.

“When we launched Bud Light NEXT, we wanted to bring a beer to market that was all about breaking barriers, just like the consumers it was brewed for,” said Andy Goeler, Vice President of Marketing, Bud Light. 

“We have a huge opportunity with Bud Light NEXT to take bold action that creates a better future for our consumers and the next generations to come, and our Climate Neutral certification is a big step in that journey for us.”

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